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The most competent WiFi partner for your successful digital transformation! 100% success cases!

360 degrees connectivity
  • One-stop shop
  • Customer-WLAN
  • Personnel-WLAN
  • Site networking (complete store networking)
  • Location based services
  • VoIP telephony
  • Digital Signage
  • WiFi Analytics
  • Guest Infotainment Services
Marketing & Analytics
  • Construction and operation of a holistic proximity marketing platform
  • Unique market positioning with FREE MEE WLAN system
  • Make use of FREE MEE as mobile marketing-channel - precise implementation and scaling of campaigns, providing messages or advertising on mobile devices at the point of interest
Fast, secure, redundant infrastructure
  • highly available redundant architecture - 99,99% reliablitity SLA
  • best practices for securing your organization`s network
  • EU privacy and data protection compliants
  • extremely high service level agreement
  • security vulnerability rewards program
  • out-of-band control
  • German trust program
  • location heatmapping
Fair, smart pricing
  • reasonable and flexible pricing
  • fastest ROI – only with FREE MEE
Herbert Seckler
Owner Sansibar Sylt

Quality of food and service are both keys to our long-term success. When it comes to our state of the art digital infrastructure with a free, fast, secure and easy access guest wifi, we trust the German technology leader FREE MEE.

Alexander Schlaubitz
Head of Marketing Deutsche Lufthansa AG

The biggest challenge for our company is the variety of challenges we face every day.

The degree of complexity has increased so much that it is better to strongly and consistently focus on this, and to remember what has already distinguished you as a brand.

For us, the needs of our customers are the focus. Human Centricity very clearly shows that people today are much more aware of their needs and can articulate this much better. This penetrates our entire communication, which allows us to respond to the needs of our customers much better today.

Take for example the innovative German company FREE MEE, which worldwide was one of the first to understand that using an intelligent digital communication channel as access to the Internet, one can experience very quickly and specifically what users like or dislike. Today, in order to quickly and appropriately scale campaigns or to terminate them, these marketing intelligence tools are indispensable to us.

In addition, brands are positively charged by the Hamburg WLAN system and generate a strong "joy of use" at all relevant contact points.

Dirk Hackenbroch
Head of IT LANXESS arena

Our visitors have complained about the poor network reception in our arena for a long time.

For more than 10 years, we have been looking for a solution to provide all guests a secure, fast and easy performing internet connection.

Managing Director Stefan Lochen, Arena Managing Director

Many companies have failed in this project so far. The installation of an error-free, ongoing system in such a large area has extremely high technical demands. Only FREE MEE has been able to digitize the arena. Thanks to the Hamburg-based company, since July 2017 the foyer area has been illuminated with a 2 Gigabit high-speed WLAN. All visitors now have the opportunity to share their experiences quickly and easily with friends on social networks.

In 2018 the entire indoor area, including the event boxes and grandstands, will be equipped with the fastest WLAN network in Europe. Therefore, high-performance internet access will be available even at full capacity with up to 20,000 visitors. Thanks to FREE MEE, this now means "NEVER OFFLINE AGAIN"!

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